Sunday, April 21, 2013

This weekend the question was, "To garden, or not to garden?"  Well my answer to that is usually going to be and emphatic, "Yes!"  But, this time, my conservative side said, "It looks good.  Let it go for one weekend.  You don't need to do a thing."  ....Well.  As if I'm going to listen to my conservative side.  So after I was done browsing the rose garden at the Huntington, I headed out to Armstrong.  I needed potting soil.  Just potting soil.  I didn't need another rose or anything else, but maybe I'd pick up an herb.  Yes, soil and an herb and that is it.

When I arrived, I headed to the herb section.  There was the Valerian I had been thinking about getting and brand new on the menu was St. John's Wort.  

Now, you see, the garden center was very busy, and since their parking lot is small, I had to park on the street and far away.  This would mean if I got a large bag of soil and any large plants, I would have to take one of their carts down the street about a block and a half and load up my car on my own.  My helpful boyfriend wasn't with me today.  I decided to be nice and cut him some slack.  If I really needed the help, I could just ask the nice people at Armstrong.  Only thing is, large plants do not fit in the trunk of a Mustang.  They usually ride in the back seat and getting them in there without dirtying up the car or damaging the plant is an art form for which only I and my boyfriend have a knack.

I picked up the St. John's Wort, then the Valerian.  "Okay, this is good.", I thought.  Just two plants and while I really do need the soil, I probably have enough at home to get by with just these two plants.  I looked at the carts.  I knew if I went to get one I would have to commit.  I didn't mention this yet, but it was also ladybug weekend and I wasn't leaving without my free ladybugs.  

With the two plants in my hands I could get my ladybugs and walk with ease to my car.  I looked back at the carts.  I got the cart.  Having a cart opens up a whole new world.  I could get whatever I wanted now.  

So there I went back to the rose section.  Now, don't think getting yet another rose bush hadn't been on my mind most of the week, because it was.  I really didn't NEED another rose bush.  But anyone who gardens would understand that yes, I really DID need another rosebush.  Long story short, Sheila's Perfume, Floribunda was in my cart.  And for good measure, I picked up Empress Imperial Blue Verbena and a Crested Ivory Argyranthemum.

Out the door I went, cart clanging down the street to skillfully load up the Mustang.  I spent the rest of the morning happily potting and rearranging.  It was so hot by Saturday afternoon that I didn't get to take any photos.  

At 6:30 this morning (Sunday) I got up, threw on some yoga pants and snapped off a couple of photos before the neighbors (who already probably think I'm nuts, woke up).  Then I went back to bed and slept in until a very late 8:30 am!  At that time, I poured myself a cup of coffee, sat at my desk with my cat in his usual spot looking out the window, to edit my photos and enjoyed the view of the garden.  It was a wonderful weekend.

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