Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Poppies and Poinsettia dominate the garden today.  The roses have gone quite after they just had a beautiful bloom.  Now the garden is filled with holiday colors... brilliant scarlet reds from Poinsettia and their rich dark green leaves together with white and yellow Poppies, snow white Alyssum and silver Dusty Miller set the scene for the magic of winter.

The Dusty Miller which grows up so tall and quick adds to the festivities.

The Alyssum provides fragrance.

And the dainty Violas (still blooming) will always be one of my favorites.

Discovered this new friend in the roses.  He's a stink bug, also known as a shield bug.  I'm sure he prefers to be called the latter. 

I am quite behind on uploading images.  I spent the day photographing at the Huntington on October 28th.  The sky was cloudy and almost story which cast a very unique hue over the rose garden.  Here are some images from the day:

I had a lovely afternoon at Descanso Gardens on November 11th.  I'm just now getting around to uploading these here.  These  are some photographers I took while there.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned or posted a picture of this guy before.  He's been in my Rose Bushes all summer long enjoying many delicious snacks.  I keep picking him off the leaves, walking him down the block, yet somehow he finds his way back.  And he's no tiny bug either.  He's HUGE.  This photo was taken on November 9th.  I haven't seen him around in a while so hopefully, he's found a new home for the winter.