Sunday, April 7, 2013

Here's what's happening this week in the garden:

The first Sugar Moon rose is opening up.  It's amazing how fast they open once they start.  It's Sunday morning as I type this and it's opened up even more since yesterday morning.  

The Moon Flower has grown a little more this week.  I also noticed a few of the other Moon Flower seeds are about to start popping out of the soil soon too.

Both the Angel Trumpets are coming along little by little.  Here's one of them.  And I have a white Hydrangea as well that's still growing.  I hope they all keep going this well.  

Here is the first Strawberry to show up.  Strawberries grow like crazy on my front porch so I should see a lot of them this year.

My two hanging plants on the front porch were looking a little tired so I moved them to the side and refreshed the front with two baskets of blooming Petunia.

And the vegetable bed is growing and growing.  I know eventually these tomato plants will become huge.

Some Lilies.

I had these Impatiens in the front of the house but they weren't very happy there.  I moved them 2 weeks ago to the side of the house by the vegetable bed and now they keep blooming and blooming.

Some Alyssum I dug up from the front and saved by putting them in a pot.  The front is so dry and my hose doesn't really reach where they were planted.  Neither did the sprinklers so I took them in the back and potted them for a nice display.

More Lilies.  They seem really happy here.

A new Foxglove that I added to the front next to the Delphinium to get more of that "cottage garden" feeling along with my roses.

I've never had much luck with Snapdragon.  I figured they hated me.  But I love them so I am trying again.  I've never had this particular color before.  It's called Arrow Deep Red.  We'll see what happens.

Now that I have roses I can't stop.  And besides, I live in Pasadena where they hold the Rose Parade so how can I NOT have roses!  I went back to Armstrong yesterday.  Their selection is huge and the roses are so healthy and perfect.  Every one there is so helpful.  It took me forever to decided but I went with a Floribunda called Sparkle and Shine.  I love the color.

Picked up some Nemesia.  I've never had this before in the garden.  I'm tempted to go back and get the pink and purple as well but I chose white because I do still have a little moon garden going on in the front.

And here is the complete view of the work I did this weekend.

I'm so happy here, and as I write this I am enjoying the view.  I did all the work yesterday so I could enjoy a peaceful and quiet morning before the rest of the world wakes up.

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