Friday, October 24, 2014

Fall Patio Garden & Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, October 2014

Here are some highlights from my small space, urban patio garden in the city of Pasadena, CA for May Dreams Garden's Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - October 2014:

Since I last updated, my Odessa Calla Lilies are blooming.  The bulbs were a birthday gift from my husband, and I planted them in a pot in early September.  They are now blooming in a hauntingly beautiful shade of black/dark purple.

In keeping with the theme of black flowers, I have some velvety Black Magic Petunias and a newly planted a pot of Phantom Petunias.  Don’t you just love the names!  Very fitting for the season.

In the East side shady corner of the patio, I placed a majestic Maidenhair Fern.  It’s leaves are silky to the touch, and it’s soothing to look at.  No wonder it’s called maidenhair.
Earlier this month I was in Pennsylvania.  While I was there, I visited Peace Valley Lavender Farm.  What a wonderful place!  Lavender everywhere!  And an adorable gift shop full of products made with their home grown lavender.

Upon my return to California, I was so inspired, I went right out and bought 6 more lavender plants, (1 Provence; Lavandula x intermedia, 1 Lavandin Grosso; 3 ‘Hidcote’; Lavandula angustifolia, and 1 Lavender Lady English).  You can imagine how great it smells when I water in my small patio area.  Its already full of fragrance with all the different herbs, and with the added abundance of lavender… Ah! You can just imagine.  I don’t expect the new lavender to bloom anytime soon, however; as it’s Fall and not the time for lavender blooms, but the foliage is highly fragrant. Hopefully, they will last the Winter and boom in the Spring.
In other flowery news… The Feverfew is still chugging along.
I also have a small pot pot of Chamomile which is blooming, although I’ve noticed aphids appear to have made it into a buffet.  I wish one of the Praying Manti that live in the rose bushes out front would find its way back to my patio and handle the situation.
Next we have Lisianthus which has gone into another full bloom.  I’m learning that they go in cycles, just like the roses and this bloom session is very abundant with beautiful pink flowers.
And finally, I will highlight the white Columbine which is blooming with new flowers.
For this entry I have not included any of the blooms in the front yard.  The chaos of the construction is almost finished and once things settle down a bit more, I'll take some images.  Until then, I wish every one a Happy Halloween!