Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Don't ever sign up for a rewards program that sends coupons.  I didn't plan on going back to Armstrong today, but yesterday I signed up for their rewards program which sends out coupons every Monday night.  Well, being I was off today and the coupon was for herbs at $2.99 each, I had to go.  I went to get just one, and I already knew I wanted Catmint.  Well, as usual there was something else there that caught my eye, so I ended up coming home with Horehound as well.  Not bad.  Just two. I spent less then $6.  I have so may herbs already.  I don't even know how many I have by now but Armstrong has quite a few that they don't sell at commercial garden centers like Home Depot or Lowes.  So I guess I will be adding to the collection over time.  One of these days I should take an inventory to see what all I have growing, but off the top of my head here's a quick list:  Sweet Mint (2), Peppermint (2), Spearmint, Chocolate Mint, Apple Mint, Orange Mint, Garden Sage, Pineapple Sage, Rosemary (4), Basil (2), Cilantro (2), Oregano, Bee Balm, Lemon Balm, Catnip (2 - one for the neighborhood cats to eat and one for mine who stays indoors), Chamomile, German Thyme, Lemon Thyme, Lavender (3), English Lavender and now Catmint and Horehound.  It's never enough, really.



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