Monday, May 6, 2013

As usual I wanted a garden project to do this weekend.  Last weekend I didn’t do any gardening and I felt like something was missing all week.  I could have just repotted my Anise Hyssop and the new Iceberg Roses I got Tuesday night, but I needed an excuse to see what was new over at the Garden Center.  I woke up early Saturday morning and was out by 8:15.  I had to limit my spending because I had already spent part of my gardening budget earlier in the week.  After meandering up and down the aisles, my picks included “Moonshine” Yarrow and Pincushion flower.  I really want to buy more of both these.  They are a lovely addition to the garden that gives it even more of a cottage feel.  I also picked up an Angelonia in 'Archangel Pink'.  I had to do some minor rearranging to make room for the new Icebergs, but not much.  I’m very happy with how everything is looking right now.  I only wish I had more space so I could buy more plants!  I do see an opportunity in the back up against the house to fit a tall stool that I can use to elevate another container plant.  That might be next weekend’s project.

Most of the roses are making new growth in preparation for another bloom.  Ketchup and Mustard has never stopped blooming, but my first rose, the Sugar Moon, Hybrid tea isn't starting any growth since it's first bloom.  It’s been a very fussy rose since I purchased it.  I think it may have some black spot on the bottom leaves so I’ve been spraying it with Rose RX.  Hopefully, it will bloom again but I don’t know enough about roses yet to know how long it’s going to take and I’m still trying to figure this one out.

Along side of the house in the vegetable bed, 3 out of the 4 tomato plants have tomatoes already.  The green bell peppers are making flowers which means they’ll be setting fruit soon as well.  I was thinking about getting some cucumbers again this year, but last year the aphids got to them and they died before I had a chance to send the lady bugs out to take care of them.  I really wish I had more space so I could grow more food, but I don’t want to add more and over-crowd the bed.

My Moon Flower seedlings are still coming along as well.

The garden is looking more and more magical every day.

Herbs, herbs herbs...

...and even more herbs.

Bell Pepper

Moon Flower seedlings

Yarrow 'Moonshine'

Pincushion Flower


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