Sunday, May 26, 2013

It's Sunday afternoon and I am so sore.  I worked from early morning until early evening in the garden.  We got the Indian Hawthorn hedge trimmed and now I have an extra foot of room for my front porch container garden.  I've added some Agastache there which will hopefully attract the hummingbirds.  I'm told they're late this year.  The Agastache smells so good!  

It's a lazy day and I feel accomplished.  I won't update too much with words, but with photos.  

Agastache Acapulco Salmon and Pink

My Moon Flower - I planted this by the front porch step as a seed not expecting it to grow.  Well here it is today.  I'm just a little worried about it since it's right near one of the sprinklers that it might end up being dug up one day by the maintenance people.

Iceberg Roses - They are blooming like crazy right now.

Pincushion Flower - I planted this in the back by the vegetable beds.

Some potted daisies in front of the tomato beds.

The cherry tomatoes are ripening.

Queen Anne's Lace - I actually had to make an emergency move of this.  I planted it in the vegetable bed between two Rosemary plants and in the late afternoon, it had started to wilt.  I pulled it out and placed it in the ground near the Moonshine Yarrow and Pincushion Flower, gave it a bit of water and it perked back up.  I hope this plant works out.  I remember seeing it all over Pennsylvania as a child.  Back there is more of a weed but it is such a beautiful flower.

Moonshine Yarrow

Salvia Farinacea Victoria Blue

Achillea Millefolium Island Pink Yarrow

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