Sunday, May 19, 2013

I’d planned on stopping by the Huntington before making a trip to the Garden Center, but I was too distracted with having to clean up my side garden that I decided to just stop at the Garden Center and go straight home.  I ended up coming home with an Apple Blossom Yarrow and was quite proud of myself for keeping it minimal.  I spent the rest of the morning/afternoon weeding, cleaning out spider webs and reorganizing my potted plants.  In the vegetable bed, my tomatoes are beginning to ripen and the plants themseves are becoming monstrous.  I don't know why I didn't stake or cage them when they were smaller.  I knew this would happen, but somehow they seem to have become huge almost overnight.

Several of the roses are starting their second round of blooms; Sheila's Perfume and Fragrant Plum.  Sparkle and Shine is right behind with Passionate Kisses soon to follow.  My new Icebergs are putting out their first blooms since I've brought them into my garden, and lastly, the Sugar Moon is finally making new growth! 

Aside from two rose bushes on the front porch, all I have are herbs.  I would really like to add some flowers for color, but I am at a loss for space.  I do have an option to create more space which would be to trim the Indian Hawthorn bush which would give me at least a foot more room.  But my experience is only with potted plans and small vegetable beds.  I don't know much about trimming hedges and I'm afraid I'll cut it wrong and it will look awful.  I guess I will have to save that project for next week.

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