Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Never take a fairy for granted!

As we all know, May is the month of fairies.  Spring has sprung, the flowers are blooming profusely and we are at the halfway point between spring and summer.  This is the time when the veil between the fairy realm and our world is at its thinnest.  It's a time to work fairy magic.  We respectfully ask the fae to protect our gardens, bless our homes and enchant our space with their magical presence.

In the past, the fae have come to my garden of their own accord without my doing much of anything besides growing their favorite plants and flowers such as Lily of the Valley, Foxgloves, Canterbury Bells and the like.  But this year, I was a little too over zealous about welcoming them back and maybe even a little too demanding.  To be honest, I was being outright impatient.  I was overly anxious to feel that magical presence that comes about on its own when you're least expecting it.

I went on a quest to fill up my garden as quickly as possible with their favorite flowers, and I presumptuously called upon the fae to make residence in my garden.  Perhaps I was disrespectful by taking for granted that they would come as they always do, because shortly thereafter I began to have odd problems around the house with this or that going on the fritz.  Now, anyone who understands the fairy realm knows they can wreak havoc on your home if you're not careful.  Disrespect them even the slightest bit and watch out!  So for about two weeks, it was one thing after the next.  On top of that, I had developed a pantry moth problem -- not exactly the winged allies I was hoping for!  My husband even joked with me that the fae were laughing because they sent pantry months in their place!
As I write this, things seem to be calming down.  I've kindly asked the fae to please stop with their mischief, and I've apologized for taking their presence for granted.  Furthermore, I decided to create a butterfly garden as sort of a peace offering.  We all know butterflies and fairies go hand in hand (or should I say wing in wing), so over the past week I've been doing research to find out what the best nectar and host plants are for my area, and I've started to create a beautiful butterfly garden.  Hopefully, this will help settle things with my enchanted, yet mischievous friends.

In addition, I'm excited to see what types of butterflies I can host this year in my garden.  In the past, I've had good luck with many types of butterflies including monarchs, black swallowtail, giant swallowtail, skippers and gulf fritillary to name a few.

As for the fae, they've quieted down.  But I know they are still present... watching over my magic garden and anticipating the coming of their new butterfly friends.

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