Sunday, May 22, 2016

Butterfly Garden: Notes, 5/21/16 & 5/22/16

On Friday evening, May 20th, I notice this cabbage white on the milkweed in front of the house.  It was chilly Friday night, so I'm glad she found refuge in my garden.  She was still there in the morning, but as soon as the sun came out and warmed things up, she was on her way. 
Mr. Snacks, the monarch caterpillar, was still hanging out on the side of the pot Friday night not moving.  When I woke up Saturday morning to check on him, I discovered that he molted.  Then he ate his skin!  Yuck!  I watched him on and off throughout the day, and he seemed to be looking for a place to pupate.  He didn't go back to the milkweed all day.  He was crawling up and down the plant shelves and eventually started going up the side of the house.  He spent Saturday night there.  
This is the last photo I took of Mr. Snacks.  I didn't see him anymore after the sun warmed things up Sunday morning.  I'm sure he's hanging someplace close by getting ready to turn into a butterfly, but I haven't been able to find him.
Here are some images of at least 3 more monarch caterpillars and an egg I discovered Saturday on the milkweed on the patio.  
Fiery Skipper spotted in my garden on Saturday, May 21 at approximately 1:15 pm.
 Funereal Dusky wing spotted in my garden on Sunday, May 22.
I should also note I saw a Gulf Fritillary on the butterfly bush on the patio at 12:28 pm on Sunday.  I was too slow with the camera, so I didn't get any photos.  Also, at approximately 2:55 pm, I saw what I believe may have been a painted lady on the milkweed on the front porch.  I ran for the camera, but again, I missed the shot and was unable to get a photo.

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