Tuesday, July 1, 2014

These are my Heirloom roses.  They were Hybridized in 1972 by William Warriner, a top rose breeder.  The fragrance is so strong!  Even when I'm in the side garden, the aroma drifts over the gate and it is heavenly.  I love how many clusters of flowers this rose has been putting out.

Recently, I have been looking online at David Austin Roses.  I had taken a flower arranging class put on by Flower Duet (http://www.flowerduet.com) at the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens, and some of the roses they used in the bouquet we made were David Austin roses.  I think the Old English Garden Roses are my favorite, although I don't actually have any.... yet.  That can definitely change, although I am starting to run out of room in my garden.  Somehow a gardener always manages to find or make room for yet another plant.


  1. Hi Danielle, I didn't know of the "Heirloom' rose, but it is certainly beautiful! The flower arranging class must have been so interesting. David Austin roses are my favorites.Like you, I would probably have a whole garden full of them if I had the room! My very favorite David Austin is 'Mary Rose' which I ordered beause the description said 'heart breakingly beautiful'. 'Graham Thomas' is another favorite. I do like the climbers because it seems I can always find a bit of fence to grow them upon or erect an arbor someplace in the garden! Happy gardening!

    1. Dorothy, Thank you for mentioning some of your favorite roses. I think I may be able to squeeze in just one more, so I have to decided which one... there are so many. It's hard to choose! I like your idea of the climbers... when there's nowhere else to go... go up! :)