Sunday, July 27, 2014

Planted a new hanging basket today with Lobelia and Alyssum.

Sheila's Perfume roses are blooming again along with these Cosmos.  I love this shade of color.

Fragrant Plum roses in bloom.

These Calla Lilies were supposed to be "Green Goddess".  I had ordered some tubers from Blooming Bulb in May and planted them in early June.  They came up yellow.  I actually think these might be called "Lemon Drop".  I wrote an email to the company in the hopes they will send me the Green Goddess tubers.  I still think these are beautiful, but I do hope they'll send me the correct bulbs because I was really looking forward to growing that variety.

I don't know what this is.  

The Columbine (Granny's Bonnet) is still blooming.

One Legged Willie has been in my garden all Summer.  He is usually eating the Hollyhocks.


  1. What beautiful colour in your garden Danielle. I really like the Sheila's Perfume rose, such a pretty bloom. I had a giggle at One Legged Willie, he seems quite happy!

    1. Paula. Thank you! Sheila's Perfume is a very pretty rose. It is fragrant as well. I have it on my front porch along with one called Fragrant Plum. They are both blooming at the same time right now so when I walk to my door I get a pleasant aroma of the flowers.

      Hahaha! Yes, that grasshopper is quite happy. So are his friends. They are eating my flowres! Willie is on the Rosemary here, but he's usually eating my Hollyhocks! :)