Thursday, August 14, 2014

The garden looks pretty much the same this Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day as it did the last.  I’ve taken some images of my container garden here at my Pasadena, California bungalow in Zone 10b, but let's start with my trip to the garden center earlier this week...

It’s 90 degrees here, yet I can’t help but start to think about Fall.  This will be part of my Fall garden;  Pansy, “Bewitched Blend”, Hollyhock, “The Wachman”, Bachelor Button, “Black Magic” and lastly Nasturtium.  I guess you could say this is my Grandma Witchy Garden.

The interest in black flowers started with these Black Cat Petunias.  I have them on my porch and they continue to bloom.  I hope to order some black Calla Lily bulbs and Black Iris.  I'm going to ask my husband to get them for me for my birthday which is coming up next month.  I'm on the look out for black flowers, so if you have any favorites, please do leave me a comment.

The Angel Trumpets are blooming again.  I look for any excuse in the evening to go into this section of the garden so I can be near the fragrance.

Balloon flower.


Love this color Lobelia.

The Butterfly Milkweed is everywhere.  It started in a container.  I still have the original plant in its container, but many more volunteers have popped up around our bungalow.

Here is another Hollyhock grown from the seeds I planted.  This one took a while to grow and bloom.  It got much less sun then the other one which ended up being over 8 feet tall.  I'm glad this one bloomed later.  Gives me more time to enjoy Hollyhocks.

Here are the Calla Lilies that I ordered as bulbs.  They were supposed to be Green Goddess, but I was sent the wrong bulbs.  Nonetheless, I am enjoying them.

This is a volunteer Portulaca.  When I first started my garden in 2012, I had a potted Portulaca on my front porch.  Somehow this year, a volunteer popped up.  

Heirloom Rose.


This Vinca has not failed with continuous blooms the entire summer.  If you are looking for continuous color and low maintenance, these are great.

Cosmos.  It would not be Summer without them.

The Ivy Geranium is full of blooms.  I've had this for quite some time.  I just leave it alone in its container and it seems quite happy.

Lastly, here I am deadheading the roses.  
I'm probably getting full of spiders - they love to make webs in my potted roses but it is my duty to care for the flowers.

So this is the latest goings on in my container garden.  If you've taken a look at my blog, please drop me a comment.  I'd love to hear form you and enjoy meeting other gardeners.  



  1. Danielle I thoroughly enjoyed visiting your garden...the photos are stunning especially the lobelia and butterfly weed.

    1. Donna, Thank you. The butterfly milkweed has been so easy to grow. Once the seed pods break open, they just blow through the air and I keep finding volunteers all over the place. I've seen several monarchs on them too.

  2. I share your love of black flowers! This year, I added three kinds of black poppies. I also really like Landini lilies and the quirky petal-less Rudbeckia "Green Wizard'. Great Halloween combo!

    1. That Rudbeckia "Green Wizard" is very odd looking! It does look like a good Halloween flower. And I had never heard of Landini Lilies, but I looked them up and I might have to get a few bulbs. Thanks for the suggestions!