Monday, July 14, 2014

Here’s what’s going on on this Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day for July 15, 2014 in my Pasadena, California Zone 10b container garden:

In my previous post I posted a photo of a chewed up Angel Trumpet (Brugmansia) flower.  I thought it was caterpillars, but maybe not.  Could this grasshopper be the culprit?  He is actually on my Hollyhocks here.  I know they like eating the leaves of Brugmansia, but the flowers???  Hmmmm???
I thought I would repeat a photo of the front of the house to give a better visual.  This was just taken about a week ago.  As you can see, pretty much everything in the front is in a container including all the roses.
Onto some blooms…

The Morning Glory keeps climbing higher and higher.  This one is intertwined with a Passion Flower vine and a climbing rose.  The rose was already here when I moved in, and this is the first year I’ve seen it start to grow up against the house.  The Passion Flower vine is actually on the empty bungalow next to mine.  The vine kept trying to move towards my house, so I twirled it around a wash line pole that’s on the side of the house between the two bungalows.  Its now made its way way over to my bungalow and is beginning to climb up the house and on my window.  I also have Moon Flower vines, but they haven’t had any blooms yet this year.  Last year the first one bloomed on the Fourth of July.
Here is a photo of part of the garden on the left side front of my bungalow.  This is where all the vines are growing along with the 2 potted Angel Trumpet Trees, Oleander and some of the Roses.  
A month or two ago I got some Salvia in this dark purple shade.  The hummingbirds seem to like it, although most of the time I only ever see them go to the flowers when my feeders are running low. I also have Nicotiana growing in a pot there on the left.  These both sit on the top of a plant shelf.
I still have Foxgloves blooming.  Most of them are in pots, but these particular ones are actually in the ground.  These are still producing spikes from the original plant.  After the large middle spike was done blooming and had turned brown, I cut it and it continues to flower.  
On my front porch I have a Sheila’s Perfume rose.  The first bloom she had was a bit stingy.  She only had maybe 2 flowers.  But this time it looks like there will be more.  I remember last year she had her best bloom in October, so maybe she just likes to make me wait.
Also blooming now is Fragrant Plum (potted on the porch).  With Sheila’s Perfume and Fragrant Plum, there is always a nice fragrance drifting in the front door.  
More blooms on the porch include but are not limited to:


There’s a lot more on my porch but I decided to just mention a few.

This past weekend I went to the garden center to get a Mandevilla for my hanging pallet.   I needed another climbing or vine plant to put there and all night long I kept dreaming about this crimson Mandevilla that I’d seen at the garden center earlier in the week and didn’t buy.  Well, needless to say whenever I dream about a plant, I know I’m going to wake up the next morning and go get it.  I love the color of this.  The buds remind me of lipstick.
I really didn’t plan on getting anything else while at the garden center, but we all know how that goes.  I found this Balloon flower.  I didn’t know what it was, and it was the only one of its kind.  It was so pretty I couldn’t resist taking it home.  Looking at the buds, I understand how it got its name.  It’s in a pot on the side garden on my potting table.
Another unplanned purchase I made this weekend was Lobelia.  I think Lobelia is becoming another one of my favorite flowers.  I saw this color and thought they would look lovely in a pot.  They sure do.  
Here’s a wider image of what’s on my potting table.  This table was actually supposed to be for my husband and I to use to have dinner on our tiny back patio.  The patio isn’t all that exciting and we did have a few dinners there, but I decided to move this table and chairs outside to enjoy in the side garden.  Originally, there was just one plant on the table and no plants on either of the chairs.  Now it’s basically become a plant stand/aka potting table.  Nothing wrong with that.
Lisianthus, Cosmos, Balloon Flower, Lobelia, Columbine and Evolvulus in the silver watering can.

I’ve never been able to get a really good shot of the full view of the side garden, but I tried.  As you can see, the left side is my side.  On the right only a few feet away is another bungalow.  There isn’t a lot of room.  Fortunately, no one has been living in that bungalow for the past 2 years.  I am able to sit on my back porch in the evenings and enjoy the peacefulness of my side garden and drink a cup of tea undisturbed.  I have been told by my landlord that they are looking to get new tenants, and when they do I may have to remove some of my garden.  I hope whoever comes next will take care of their side.
View of the side garden standing in front of my back porch steps on my left.

On my back porch steps are these potted Coneflowers.  I love this color.  
I also see the Skippers flying about and enjoying them.
This is my Budhelia.  I planted this in the ground.  The butterflies and moths are loving it and it smells delicious.  Last year when I purchased it, it was only about 6 inches tall.  
It has grown quite a bit since then.
I also have several Butterfly Milkweed plants.  I've already seen at least one Monarch visiting the Milkweed this year, hopefully to lay some eggs.  Milkweed spreads so easily because the seeds blow through the air attached to those silky white fuzzies that break out of the seed pods.  They look like fairies blowing through the air.  I have Milkweed plant in a pot, but also several other volunteers in the ground.  I’ve even seen some popping up around the bungalow court.  I hope no one minds!  
The Hollyhocks are still blooming and seeding profusely.  These were actually planted in the ground too and started from seed.  Now that they are making seed pods, I think I have enough seeds to start a small Hollyhock seed shop!  I like they way they “package” their seeds in those neat, perfectly round pods.  They almost remind me of stacked coins.
In the herb bed I took some photos of the Feverfew.  Such charming little flowers.  So dainty.  I absolutely love them.
I also took a photo of the Valerian/Garden Heliotrope.  It bloomed earlier in the Spring and is now blooming again.  I started this in a small pot.  It wasn’t until I moved it to the herb bed that it began to flower.  I guess it likes it there.
Here is how my Green Goddess Calla Lilies grown from tubers are looking.  I am hoping this will flower in the Fall for the first time.  I’m very excited about this!
Next is my Ivy Geranium.  I’ve had this plant for quite a long time.  I just leave it alone and it never fails to bloom each year.  Sometimes I don’t photograph the plants that have been around for a while because I take them for granted.  This one sits in a pot on a plant shelf and seems very happy.
Another one of my favorites is this blue Columbine or Granny's Bonnet.  It is still blooming in its pot.  I’m really surprised it’s still going, because we are already in July.  I have 2 others called Songbird Mix that are also blooming, but not producing as many flowers as the blue.  
Speaking of blue… The potted Larkspur seeded itself in the pot and is flowering.
Same goes for the Delphinium.  So happy to see both of these!
And while we’re still on the topic of blue… this is “Bluebeard” which I’ve never seen before.  This was another impulse buy.  The bees were all over it at the store and I couldn’t resist.  I had more bees in my garden in the Spring, but they seem to have tapered off which is odd.  I’ve been reading the reports everywhere about the decreasing bee population.  It’s very sad.
I didn't realize just how many blue flowers I had until I started to update this post.  Here's one more for good measure, a pot of Chines Forget Me Not grown from seed.
Another potted flower I have in the side garden is this Canna.  I love the color.  
And a pot of colorful Marigold.
In a hanging basket, I decided to plant some Strawberries.  They just started to produce some fruit, so I can’t wait to taste them.
And lastly, these are my new hanging planters.  I thought they would brighten up those ugly security bars we have on our kitchen window.  In them I have Pentas, Alyssum, Vinca and Calibrachoa.
These are just some of the flowers and plants in my garden.  I hope I’ve done a good job working with my tiny space.  Please leave me a comment, or drop me a link to your garden blog.  
I’d love to hear from you!

A big thank you to May Dreams Gardens for hosting another Garden Blogger's Bloom Day!



  1. I'm so impressed with all of the wonderful plants you have growing in containers! You must look after them well to keep them looking so good. Happy to have found your lovely blog :-) .


    1. Thank you Paula. I'm glad you enjoyed my blog. When I first started gardening, I didn't know it would become such a passion. I do spend every moment I can when I'm not working in the garden taking care of everything. It's good to know there are lots of other people who share the same passion for flowers and gardening.

  2. Your garden is indeed magic. Beautiful plants. Seeing your feverfew reminded me that I forgot to include a picture of mine in my Bloom Day post. That's a wonderful plant and a special favorite. And I love your morning glory. I have those seeds but never got around to planting them this year.

    1. Dorothy, This is the first time I've grown Feverfew. I had seeds that I planted earlier in the year in a pot, but they barely grew over an inch tall and they didn't look healthy. I'm not sure why that happened. I planted them pretty early - around February. But I also bought some established plants right about the same time I planted the seeds and I put the plants in my raised herb bed. Those are the ones you see here blooming so pretty. I was very excited when they finally started to bloom. They're such a dainty little flower.

  3. Danielle, You have done a great job with your plant combinations. I tink that photo of the front of your house could be in a gardening magazine! You have so many of my favorite plants, especially brugmansia. The only pest that bothers mine are snails. On the coast, the cucumber beetles are a pest. Here in the Central Valley mine will not bloom until the weather begins to cool down in the fall. I enjoyed seeing all of your pretty flowers. You are very talented!

    1. Thank you Dorothy! It's so nice to get feedback on my garden... especially positive! I looked up the cucumber beetle and I have seen them in my garden. I was wondering what they were when I saw them. Maybe they are responsible for the big holes in my Brugmansia. Thanks again for such a nice compliment. :)

  4. True magic in your garden, Danielle! Each picture is more amazing than the last; it is impossible to pick a favorite, but I love all the blues. Your hanging planters are unique. Happy GBBD. P. x

    1. Thank you, Pam. I was very happy with the planters. I found them on I think they do a pretty good job of giving that window a distraction from the bars.

  5. Fantastic! So much colour...
    You have done a brilliant job, especially given your warm climate. You must spend a lot of time watering!

    1. Thank you! I water everything with the hose in the morning. Some days I can get it done in about 15 minutes but when it's really hot... like in the 90s.... I do need to spend extra time.

  6. I love all your container gardens! I have quite a few plants in pots, but most of my garden is in the ground. Thanks for visiting my blog for GBBD. I did know that Nasturtiums are edible, but I've never tried them, I hear they are peppery like arugula. I have a Bluebeard/Caryopteris that has more chartreuse foliage, I love it. Gardening is trial and error for everyone, there's always something for even the most experienced gardener to learn.

  7. Hi, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog, and thanks for letting me have a stroll in your garden – so nice to meet a fellow container-gardener! Although I have plants growing in the ground too, I have at least 250-300 pots and containers at any given time so I know what work it can be. Loved the fact that you have a passionflower in a pot, I set mine free so it is growing in the ground and it is absolutely massive! And I agree about lobelia, it’s lovely, I especially like pink, trailing lobelia or a mix of blue, pink and white, trailing lobelia in a container together with something upright behind – that’s just lovely. I’ll be back to see how your calla lilies will do later on, I am growing calla lilies for the first time too, in a container, can’t wait for some flowers!

    1. You sure do have a lot of pots and containers! Actually, the passionflower is in the ground. It is on the bungalow next to ours but it started to head over to my side so I wrapped it around a clothing line that's between the two bungalows. Now it's climbing onto my window! It's gotten so big! It didn't bloom or grow when we first moved in. I didn't even know it was there. But suddenly, when I started gardening on my side of the property, it began to grow and climb and finally bloom. It's beautiful, but I fear the landlord will soon cut it down. They want to put tenants in the bungalow next to ours because it has been empty for about 2 years. I'm afraid when that happens, the passionflower vine will be cut down. BUT... the good news is, yesterday, I saw a vine growing out of the ground on my side! So somehow it seeded itself on my side of the property! So hopefully I'll still get to have one if the other one is cut. This is the first time I'm trying a Calla Lily in a pot. I did put several in the ground a this past year they filled the whole side of the house with lovely flowers. I think the one in the pot will remain a lot smaller, but this one is a "Green Goddess" Calla Lily so I'm excited about that. I don't want to put too many things in the ground these days since we are renters. If we ever move... the plants come with me! :)