Tuesday, July 8, 2014

As mentioned in my previous post, I find it hard to cut the flowers in my own garden.  Because my garden is a small container garden, it's hard for me to take anything away.  I did, however, start using some of my roses and herbs to make small nosegas.  Here are some of the "Tussie Mussies" I've created using mostly my vintage milk pourer as a vace:

Sugar Moon Rose.

Iceberg Rose, Mint, Chocolate Mint, Sage, Pincushion Flower and Lavender.

Sparkle & Shine Rose, White Cosmos, Garden Sage and Mint

Roses, Yarrow and Rosemary.

Heirloom Rose and Dusty Miller.

Heirloom Rose, Rosemary and Laceleaf Lavender.

Freesia, Yarrow, Pincushion Flower and Marguerite Daisy.

Heirloom Rose, Mint and Bachelor's Button in a sake glass.


  1. Your second photo, showing the front of your house: Wow, that's gorgeous!

    1. Jennifer, Thank you! I'm always happy to hear positive comments. It keeps me inspired and let's me do I might be doing something right! :)