Sunday, June 16, 2013

This weekend my project was to refresh the window box and to replace the two hanging baskets on the front porch.  In the window box I chose a combination of Penstemon in Phoenix Violet and Phoenix Appleblossom, Salvia in Victoria Blue, and Yarrow in Paprika.  It looks so pretty in front of the window which is the view from my desk as I type this.  I love the tall plants right in front of the window.  In the background I can see the Sheila's Perfume in hues of pink and yellow.  The view blends nicely into the hanging baskets for which I chose Lantana in Lucky Red Flame.  I'm hoping it will attract the hummingbirds, as there's a feeder directly next to one of the baskets.  I've seen a few hummers this year, but I'm still waiting for the rest to show up.  Last year we had many and I'm hoping for the same this year.

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