Thursday, March 3, 2016

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day February 2016

Each year I make it a priority to collect all of the traditional Spring flowers I remember having as a child.  They are daffodils, hyacinth and tulips.  The smell of fresh daffodils especially reminds me of my childhood because we had these in my parents’ yard.  Same goes for tulips.  I also remember my school selling bunches of daffodils and how the flowers would come in buckets of water.  The fragrance filled up the whole classroom as the nuns handed them out.  The hyacinth reminds me of Easter at my Grandmother’s house.  My Mom would always bring her a new plant each year, and after it was done blooming my Grammy would plant it out in her yard.  It amazes me how a scent can take me right back to another time and enable me to remember that time so vividly.  

Another traditional flower that I love to have is the grape hyacinth.  This year I potted up some bulbs and they are now blooming.

To keep the garden faeries happy, I like to have fairy primrose, sweet pea, Canterbury bells, freesia and foxgloves.  Foxgloves are an absolute must in my garden.  I am never without one whether it is blooming or not.

This year on Valentine’s day, my husband took me shopping at Nuccio's Nursery, a nursery that specializes in rare Camellias and Azaleas.  I'm not sure why I never added one to my garden.  I guess I sort of took them for granted because they are so common in Southern California.  Descanso Gardens, where I go to do my photography just about every weekend has a mystical camellia forest.  This year the camellia forest seemed particularly magical.  The sprits of the camellia trees seemed to speak to me, and I could not resist having one of my own which I will keep in a pot.  The one I selected is one of the fragrant varieties and it is called koto no kaor which means "Scent of Ancient City".  This is a photo of a cutting of koto no kaor that the owner of Nucci's gave me.  The one I purchased had small buds that were not quite ready to bloom, and I was told that mine would be ready to bloom by next year.  Well, low and behold as I write this on March 3rd, one of the buds has swelled and opened!  I will take a photo of it this weekend to post.

I should also mention, the clematis I have growing in a pot that has suddenly decided to grow profusely!  I almost threw this plant away thinking it wouldn’t come back since it was in a pot, but I held onto it and put it aside.  Well, wouldn’t you know it, it is growing like crazy!  So glad I kept it!  I'll try to photograph that this weekend as well.

In addition, I have a pot of Lily of the Valley that just this week started to show flowers.  I purchased the pips from White Flower Farm and they were pre-chilled so they would bloom in just a few weeks immediately.  In my climate, Lily of the Valley is very difficult to grow because it doesn't get cold enough in the winter.  This is another one of my favorite flowers and it is also my signature scent that I wear.  It reminds me of my Grandmother who had tons of them growing in her yard.

Lastly, here are some images of some of the other flowers gracing my garden with their good vibes and positive energy.  


Calla Lily

Nasturtium (This has started blooming like crazy over the past few weeks.)
Granny's Bonnet / Columbine

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day is hosted by May Dreams Gardens on the 15th of every month.  I'm a bit late this time, but better late then never!

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