Friday, March 25, 2016

First blooming roses, petticoat begonia and some flowers on the porch

Each year my rose, Sheila's Perfume, is always the first to bloom.  And she blooms A LOT!  This is a very fragrant rose the produces buds that will open up into very large, aromatic flowers.  I took a photo of one of her first flowers.  It won't be long now... the rest of my mini rose garden is soon to follow.  
While at the garden center, I heard one of the associates trying to convince a customer that Begonias weren't an old lady flower.  Excuse me?  What is wrong with old lady flowers?  Old lady flowers are THE BEST flowers!  Anything my Grandmother had in her garden is usually my absolute favorite flower!  So since I was standing right by this amazing, blooming "Rose Petticoat" Begonia, I quickly grabbed her and took her home with me!  Look at how amazing she is!  The flowers are gorgeous and they are also rather large and showy!  Never underestimate a flower that is not necessarily the latest and greatest new thing in the gardening world.  The oldies are the treasures of the garden... at least to me.
This is just a quck pic of part of the patio.  It was such a pretty day.
And here are some quick images I took of some of the flowers I currently have on my front porch.

Happy Gardening!

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