Monday, January 19, 2015

Rose Pruning and Spring Planting

This weekend was a busy gardening weekend.  It's only January, but already I am preparing for Spring.  The weather was in the 70s, so I decided to prune the rose garden.  It was an all day affair.  Last year, I waited until February to prune, but this year I just wanted to get it out of the way.  It will be strange without the roses for a few months but they will be so beautiful once they start blooming again.

Besides the rose garden work, I planted my Spring bulbs.  This year I put them in pots in my patio garden.  As I was tending to the rose garden out front, I noticed some green popping up out of the ground... it was the daffodil bulbs I planted last year and also the hyacinth.  I dug them up and put them in pots as well.  I was so happy to see that some of these weren't destroyed during the construction!   Here are some of the bulbs I planted along with two Bleeding Hearts which I didn't take a photo of since it was just the bare root.

Here are the first two Lily of the Valley pips to sprout up.  I planted these around the end of December.  Last year I planted some in February, and they produced flowers.  But when I tried to plant a second round, they never bloomed.  The weather became too warm too fast.  Let's see how these do since I am planting them earlier.
I also purchased and potted up a Calla Lily.  I couldn't help myself.  I really missed the ones that were paved over.  I tried to dig one up and save it before they laid down the gravel, but it didn't look very happy being shoved in a tiny pot compared to all the space it had before.  So when I saw these at the garden center, I made a guilty purchase and bought one that was already blooming so I could enjoy it.
Lamb's ear is new to my garden.  I've always seen this at the garden center and hoped no one would see me petting the soft fuzzy leaves.  They have so much of it in the herb garden at the LA Arboretum, that I just had to have some for myself.
For some color, I picked up these Anemones.  They're so pretty opening during the day and closing at night.  I'd love to do a time laps on them sometime.
I got a fresh Catnip herb too.  The two I have are getting older and leggy and I thought my cat would appreciate some fresh leaves.  The leaves on this one are actually quite large.  I also picked up a new Cilantro although I didn't take a photo.  The one I had was being eaten alive by aphids.  It was getting a little old anyway, so I decided to get a fresh one since I do tend to use Cilantro a lot in the kitchen.
Lastly, here are some Sweet Peas, Winter Elegance.  These were already in bloom at the garden center.  I have some Sweet Peas in a pot that are growing on the front of the house, but they aren't ready to bloom yet.  I wanted some all to myself so I bought these for the patio.  They sure do smell heavenly!

And here are just a few wider angle shots of the patio garden.


  1. Isn’t it great to get instant flowers like that, sweet peas in January is something I could just dream of, I don’t think anyone sell them over here right now :-) I spent last week-end pruning my roses too, 2 weeks earlier than last winter, but they can take it and I also wanted to get it done as I am re-designing the rose bed soon. I have a huge calla in a container, it is still green, I got it last year and thought it would die down during winter but it hasn’t. I will have to read up on what to do with it as I don’t dare to just cut it down, it is still producing new leaves all the time so if I cut it down I would lose the new shoots. What did you used to do with yours growing in the ground?

    1. This was the first time I’d ever seen sweet peas for sale and blooming at my garden center, so I snatched them up right away. Sometimes it’s nice to indulge yourself in the immediate gratification of a blooming flower. :)

      When I had my callas in the ground they would bloom for a long time. I’d see them start to put up shoots once the weather cooled off. Then I’d see flowers by January/February and they would bloom until the Summer months when it got too hot. Then they would die back. I usually left them alone to do their thing. I’d still see a few green shoots here and there, but no flowers. I had some other plants near the callas, so I’d always keep the area watered. When they would come back the next year, they seemed even bigger, and they also seemed to multiply! They were beautiful. I hope the one I have in my pot will do okay there.

      Rose pruning is always a big job! And it’s so hard to get through these couple of months without them.