Saturday, March 8, 2014

Took some photos around the house this morning.  Here's whats growing:

My pot of Freesias.  I also have bulbs placed in the ground in various places around the house that are starting to pop up.

Feverfew.  Same as above.  Threw seeds about the house too.

Four O'Clocks.

I think I have one Sweetpea that's starting to come out.  You can barely see it, but it's there.  (I think.)

First bloom on Sheila's Perfume since I pruned.  The smell is wonderful.

Ketchup & Mustard was the first to bloom after pruning.

And here are the first buds on my new Heirloom rose.  I can already smell the aroma.

Dutch Iris in yellow.  These are beginning to come out now.

This Foxglove's spike continues to grow taller.

It's hard to see it here, but there is a Bleeding Heart in this raised bed next to my Autumn Fern.  I planted it from a root and now it's beginning to show some buds.

Azalea's are in full swing.

Another Bleeding Heart. This one is in a pot.

My Orchid is blooming 3rd year in a row without any maintenance other than watering since I really don't know a whole lot about the specifics of caring for Orchids.

And this is where I scattered seeds.  There are Lily of the Valley pips planted here too but I have seedlings coming up all around the house.  I guess I will be surprised when they bloom.

And the best for last.  One of my favorite flowers growing in the garden right now.  Lily of the Valley.  This one is in the ground.  I wear this perfume so you can imagine how much I am enjoying these.


  1. Wow - just read your bio, you have come a long way from your one hanging basket! Looks like your sprawling cottage garden is well on the way!
    Love your Lily of the Valley too!
    Wren x

  2. Thank you for reading my blog! I'm running out of space! Glad you enjoyed!