Saturday, March 1, 2014

Some photos I took in and around the garden the past few days.

I'm really glad I put this table outside.  It was on the patio, but I like it much better here.  It makes for a nice potting table.  :)

I finally got around to cataloging my plant tags.... or at least the plants that I had tags for anyway.

I picked this book up at an old book store a month or so ago.  It's wonderful.

Look at these Lily of the Valley!  I'm so happy.  They are putting out little bells.  I think that's Freesia in the above right pot.  At this point I am forgetting what all I've planted and will just have to wait until stuff blooms to remember!!

Bunny in the pincushion flower and hollyhocks.

The pink Azalea is blooming.

More bell flowers on the Lily of the Valley that is planted in the ground on the side of the house.


My messy back garden.

Calla Lily.  They came up so fast this year.  Everything is blooming too early.

This Hydrangea in the green pot is really popping up.  

Calla Lily.

Butterfly Milkweed.

The herb bed.


And more Foxgloves.

Hellbore, Primrose and Foxgloves

My Heirloom roses are getting some buds.

Look how big the Foxgloves (next to Delphinium) are getting!  This one has a lovely spike shooting up.  I hope the one on the right catches up.

Valerian, garden heliotrope.  I had this in a pot for the longest time, but about a month ago, I moved it to the herb bed and look at it grow!  I can't wait for the beautiful white flowers.

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