Sunday, July 14, 2013

Last weekend I had a dream that I filled up this half barrel with Cosmos.  Yes, I actually dream about flowers.  I obsessed all week long until I could get to the garden center Saturday morning and pick some up and plant them.  This is exactly how I had imagined it.

Butterfly Milkweed is seeding all over the place.  Hope the neighbors don't mind a lot of fuzzies floating around.

Mr. Cat overseeing the garden antics.

Picked up more Aster along with the Cosmos.  They are so inexpensive and beautiful.

Today I ended up going to 2 different Armstrong Garden Centers.  I'd spend under $5 at my local store this morning, and as I was working at my computer and watching the Hummingbirds, I noticed some new butterflies on the Echinacea just outside my window.  Of course this made me want to get more Echinacea to see what other butterflies I could draw to the garden.  Well it just so happened that we had an errand to run near a different Armstrong.  So we went to check it out.  I picked up a beautiful Echinacea mix called Cheyenne Spirit.  The moment I placed it in the garden, this Skipper was a busy little bug.


  1. You have some pretty flowers for Bloom Day, and I'm sure the butterflies are loving it! I like the white cosmos, but I usually just have the yellow ones that keep reseeding themselves every year. Mine bloom in the fall, but I'm happy to have any color I can get!

  2. Lovely pictures. That's a nice variety of Echinacea blooms.

  3. I just love echinaceas - precisely because the butterflies do seem to love them so. I dream about gardens, too. Your cosmos look perfect in that container. It must have been a beautiful dream. Love the cat! He's adorable!

  4. Haha...I love keep dreaming up more plant ideas! LOVE Cosmos and can't go wrong with those!