Friday, November 27, 2015

Decorating for Yule

This year I didn’t get around to taking too many photos of the Christmas decorations in the garden.  I added red and white poinsettia, a rosemary topiary in the shape of a Christmas tree, and a small pine decorated in pinecones and red ornaments.  I also decorated the door wreath as I usually do for every season.  For Yule, I add evergreen, pinecones and red berries.  I also put a big red bow on the door over a fresh cut baugh of Noble Fir strung up with twine.  It sure smelled good!  For an extra touch, I scattered some red christmas balls and pinecones in the pots of the two roses on the porch.  It was very simple and very natural looking.  Just perfect!  

This year we had very strong Santa Ana winds.  They kept blowing the potted roses right off the porch.  What a mess… balls and pinecones scattered everywhere.  Most of the day I had to leave the roses laying on their sides or else the wind would just blow them right over.  They grew so big this year that they became off balance in their pots.  I can’t wait until January to prune them!

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