Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16, 2015 - Garden update

Here are some blooms in my garden this February 16, 2015:

Nemesia "Opal Innocence"  These smell wonderful.  I have one plant in a pot.

Calendula.  I've become rather attached to Calendula this year.  I have some orange flowers and now I have also added the yellow which I am really enjoying.

The Mugwort has started to grow up.  I have a feeling it's going to outgrow this pot pretty quick.
Alyssum.  Always a staple in my garden.  I can't resist the fragrance.
I have Feverfew all over the place.  There is also Forget Me Not in this pot and underneath all of that is a lemon colored Calla Lily that is dormant right now.  I had one Feverfew plant and the seeds scattered into some of the other pots so I just let it glow.  It's such a darling little flower so I should see a lot of it this year mixed in with my other potted blooms.
Potted a white Calla Lily.  I think these do much better when planted in the ground, 
but I had to try.

English Primrose
Fairy Primrose
Red Ivy Geranium.  Red Geranium seem to like me.  They always do very well.
And last but not least, the Freesia bulbs are coming up.

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