Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Adjusting to the New Space

I'm getting used to the new space.  I really enjoying the privacy and the fact that it's just outside the living room so I can turn on the stereo and listen to music while I work.  I sure hope my plants like listening to Stevie Nicks repeatedly.  I also like the fact that I can watch the Hummingbirds while I lounge on the couch.

So this weekend was my birthday weekend and my husband got me some Odessa Calla Lily bulbs.  I planted 4 of them in a pot.  I can't wait to see them when they bloom because the flowers are black...Well, probably more like a purplish black, but it goes with my new obsession with black plants and flowers.

We paid a visit, as I do every year for my birthday, to Descanso Gardens where I picked up this pretty black Bugleweed/Ajuga.
I also made a new friend...  
This beautiful Praying Mantis was on the Crinadonna Lilies.  
It made my day.
Here are some photos of the Nasturtium seedlings.  They are really growing fast!
Bachelor Buttons, Black Magic seedlings are getting bigger.
And the Bewitched Blend Pansies I had in the fridge for a week are now starting to sprout.
There are two beautiful blooms that spiked up on the Penstemon "Red Riding Hood" 
They look more pink then red I think. 
I potted some Oregano this weekend too.  I think now that I have a smaller space, I may get back to basics and grow some of my favorite, fragrant herbs.  In the small space, the aroma really stands out, especially after I water.
Also potted another Thyme.  I love how this smells too.
Bloom on the Lisianthus.  They have been going strong for several months.
This is the white Calla Lily I tried to save after my garden was paved over.  I hope it will grow in a pot.  They used to get so big and full when they were in the ground.  Hopefully this one will be okay.  I only had room to save one of them.
Red Mandevilla.
The Miniature Roses are loving this new patio space.  I think it's because they are in part sun and they seem to like that better then the bright full sun they had been getting on my front porch which is where I relocated them from.
Pentas keep blooming.  I thought the hummingbirds were supposed to love these, but so far they only go to the feeder.  I guess they are just being lazy!
Vinca is still blooming non-stop.
Fragrant Alyssum potted with Vinca.
Here is spear fern that was given to me by my neighbor when she moved.  I moved it into this corner of the patio because it is in shade most of the day.  I had a yellow Calla Lily there previously, and it wasn't very happy about so much shade so I did some reorganizing.
Blooming Lisianthus.
Columbine flower bud.  
I have 3 of these Columbine/Granny Bonnets and all of them have kept on blooming straight through Summer.
This was moved in from the front porch to go along with my intent to have a lot of fragrance in the new space.
Hydrangea is starting to make a flower bud.
Bee Balm is making flower buds as well.
Here is my trusty Sage.  I have had this Sage in a pot for a few years. 
It never complains no matter where I place it.
This is the Rosemary I dug up and saved from the side garden.  So far it's not minding being in a pot.
Fresh Lemon Balm.  
I just potted this in a basket.  It's in the shade here in very similar conditions as I had in my herb bed.  I had to sacrifice the Lemon Balm in the herb bed during the construction, so I bought another one.  I just love the fragrance.
So far, so good in the new "Secret Garden". 
It really turned out to be a blessing in disguise.


  1. Loving your posts and photos on the progress of your secret garden. Kudos for your positive attitude and creativity.