Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Ever since the construction started, I could hardly stand being in the front of the house.  The only time I’ve gone out front is to water the flowers.  It’s just so difficult to see everything displaced and the yard torn up, trees gone…  But the other day, as my husband was walking past the house on his way home, he complimented me on how pretty the flowers looked.  At first I thought he was only telling me that to make me feel better, but Monday evening as I was watering, I realized he was right.  As he put it, "the roses looked 'radiant'”.  Funny how nature seems to adjust in the midst of chaos… Most of the roses are in bloom, the Brugmansia is putting out its fragrant trumpets, the Lisianthus is blooming and the Rosemary is making its dainty blue flowers just as it does every year at this time.

As I continued to look around, I noticed more volunteer Butterfly Milkweed that had seeded itself in different places around my home -- even in one of the Brugmansia pots.  (I had a large Butterfly Milkweed that was destroyed when the side garden was paved over.  I had a feeling I would not see the last of it!)  I also noticed a Morning Glory vine beginning to show itself and even more exciting news…. not one but two Passion Flower vines!  I am keeping my fingers crossed that the landlord does not find them and rip them down.  Right now they are small enough to not be noticeable, but if/when they do start climbing, they may be goners.  I will keep my fingers crossed!

Here are some images I took Monday evening of some of the flowers blooming in front of the house:


The Valerian I dug out of the herb bed and put in a pot.

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