Saturday, June 28, 2014

June 28

Here's what's going on in the garden...

The first signs of life from the Green Goddess Calla Lily tubers I planted are coming up in the pot.  I planted 2 tubers in a pot and one in the ground.  I hope they do well.  I think they are stunning.

My Angel Trumpet is about to bloom again.  Interesting, I looked back at my blog to when I first got the 2 little Angel Trumpets that I'd order by mail and it said I ordered 2 white ones.  This one is more orange.  I wonder if they sent me the wrong one.  Either way, it's pretty and I'm happy to have a variety.  I hope the white one blooms again.

I picked up some Heliotrope.  I love the smell.  I think it smells like vanilla.  Some say it smells like cherry pie.  I side with vanilla.

My pink Snapdragons are blooming again.  I have a love/hate relationship with Snapdragons.  Sometimes they last, but sometimes they bloom once and then that's all I get out of them.  These are Sonnet Pink.  I had this kind last year and they seemed to do well.  I also deadheaded these and forced them into a second bloom.  

Another pot of Lisianthus.  I really enjoy this flower.

The Gladilous is almost full bloom. 

These are the flowers in the side garden on the potting table.

I can't wait for my Moonflowers to start blooming.  Last year it was the highlight of my Summer.  One of my favorite flowers.

I have a pot of Forget Me Nots that I grew from seed.  I planted them a little late so they never bloomed but now it looks like some of them have little buds.  Maybe I'll get a few flowers.

And the Clematis that everyone said doesn't grow here is doing well.  I won't say too much because I don't want to jinx it but there there are still doing okay.

My vertical garden.  I really wish I could attach more things to our house, but since we are renters, we try to keep it to a minimum.

Feverfew has started to flower.  I've been very excited for these.  They look so pretty.

It's that time of year!!  Echinacea!  I love coneflowers... especially this lovely mix of color.  I have them on the back porch.  It needed some color back there.

This is a hanging basket full of parsley and cilantro.  It hangs on a wash pole just outside the back door by our kitchen.  I don't know why I didn't think of putting herbs in here sooner since it's easy access right outside the kitchen.

And I also put some strawberries in a hanging basket.  This one is called Tristan (I think.).  It makes pink flowers.

Decided it was time for some Basil.  This is also on the back porch by the kitchen.  Brilliant I am to think of putting it here.  :)

Yarrow - Just for pretty.  Even though I have this growing about the side garden, I wanted to have some in a pot by the back porch for color.

And lastly, I planted a pretty basket full of lavender.  In my attempt to pretty up the back porch where I often sit after dinner sipping tea, I added a basket of fragrant lavender.

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