Friday, April 18, 2014

Since I am very behind on updates, I'll mostly be posting photos and less text.  
These are blooms from March 23, 2014


How the house is shaping up for Spring.

Dalmation Rose Foxglove - my favorite.

Window box with Light Pink and Salmon Geraniums and Alyssum.

Dalmation Peach Foxglove that I planted in the ground.  It had no spike when I planted it.

More Foxglove with Angel Trumpet in the background, my dwarf lemon tree in the background, rose bushes and you can also see a few poppies sticking up in the front.

Delphinium - Guardian Mix.

The Dalmation Peach Foxglove closeup.

First bud on the Sugar Moon rose.

Petunias are so pretty and full of color.  I have a lot of them planted in different pots around the house in:  "Dreams" and "Total Madness" and "Moonlight Madness:

The walk way to the front door.

I made moss hanging baskets with Petunia and Alyssum.

Sleeping Poppy Anemone - Anemone Coronaira - Monarch De Caen Blue

Lots of color for Spring!


This Aster popped up in a pot of Violas.  I was not expecting that.

Bleeding heart.  This one is in a pot and it is blooming.

Hydrangea is spreading out and making new buds.

My little table in the side garden.

Viola Williamsii - Velocity Baby Blue.

Dalmation Peach Foxglove.


Pincushion flower patch.

Cape Mallow.

Bleeding Heart - planted in the ground from a root.

Autumn Fern.

Columbine - Songbird Mix.

Penstemon - Phoenix Pink (or maybe it's Apple Blossom.)


Penstemon - Phoenix Violet.

New Rose buds forming.

Petunia/Alyssum basket.

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