Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 27, 2014

Some blooms around the house.

Sparkle and Shine Rose

One of my miniature roses.  Such a vibrant yellow.

Fragrant Plum

Morning Glory

Garden Heliotrope - Valerian

One of the neighborhood cats hiding under the Hollyhocks

Sugar Moon

Passionate Kisses

Iceberg roses in full swing

View of some of the roses

More Morning Glory.  
Every morning I wake up to a new flowers in in multiple colors.

Yarrow is budding.

Snowball Hydrangea beginning to flower.

I've had this Hydrangea for about a year... maybe two.  This year it's really putting on a show.

Potted Forget Me Nots.  
Not sure if these will bloom or not since I planted the seeds a bit later.

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