Saturday, February 22, 2014

I woke up early to take care of some garden work.  I scattered more seeds about of Larkspur, Feverfew, Forget Me Not, Lupine, Sweet Pea, Four O'Clock and Canterberry Bells.  I'm actually soaking some Four O'Clock and Sweet Pea seeds tonight and will plant them in the ground and also in pots tomorrow.  I put some of the Feverfew in a pot today too.  Here are some pictures I took around the house this morning.

The white tulips are now fully open and blooming.  They're really beautiful.

The little daffodils are blooming too.

The grape hyacinth is looking very content here.

Poppies are blooming again.

Here is a mix of flowers, including the columbine and linaria.

The window box I planted last week with geranium and alyssum.

My lily of the valley pips growing up.  I'm so excited!!


Some daisies and alyssum

The foxgloves I planted next to the delphinium.

Primrose, alyssum and daisies.

Foxgloves in dalmation peach and purple.


Pink azalea buds.

lily of the valley I planted in the ground.

Pincushion flower is growing wild in the back of the house.

Hollyhocks keep getting taller.

The bleeding heart I planted in a pot is coming up.

And so is the bleeding heart I planted in the raised bed next to the autumn fern.

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