Thursday, February 20, 2014

I have been back and forth to the garden center for the past several days.  Southern California didn’t get much of a Winter.  So this blog post is just going to be a bunch of scattered thoughts about what I planted and where (as much as I can remember, as it's now Wednesday and a lot of what I’ve done over the past few weeks is a blur.)

I got some Bleeding Heart roots - 3 to be exact, 4 Astilbe roots and bunch of Gladiolus bulbs.  One Bleeding heart is planted in the raised bed next to my Autumn Fern.  The second is just outside of the raised bed near the ivy and the little pine tree, and one I put in a pot.   2 of the Astilbe are in the ground on the left side of the raised vegetable bed next to the Calla Lilies and two are planted in front of the wall that separates the side of the house from the front where I had my potted Moonflower vine last year.  In that same spot in front of the wall there are also Lily of the Valley pips.  Last weekend I’d planted some there, but I moved them around to accommodate the Astilbe.  

Some of the Lily of the Valley pips I potted have already started to sprout.  I ended up digging up some pips because I didn’t like where I’d put them, and I put those in a pot too.  I’m hoping for a lot of these.  I wear Lily of the Valley perfume and they are a flower (besides the Hyacinth) that distinctly reminds me of my Grandmother.  She  had tons of these growing on the side of her house.  

I scattered the Gladiolus seeds here and there in the front of the house.  Exactly where, I really don’t remember, and the same goes for the Freesia seeds I planted the week before.  I really wish I’d put some plant tags in the ground.  At least I would remember where the heck I planted! 

I need to plant some of the Gladiolus bulbs into a pot.  I know I planted some on the side of the front porch by the steps and some are near the Indian Hawthorn bush next to the Stock and Alyssum, but the rest are just scattered in the front along with the Freesia bulbs.  I should mention I also have a pot full of Freesia bulbs.  

Besides all these bulbs and roots, I scattered seeds from the Botanical Interests seed collection of Grandmother’s Cut Flower Garden and Fairy Meadow on the side of the house. I did this willy nilly, so I’m can’t really say what and where.

On one of my garden center trips, I saw a beautiful pink Asiatic Lily and potted them on the front porch.  I couldn’t help myself and picked up more Hyacinth (in pink), potted them and put them on the plant shelf that is right outside my window by my desk so the scent would drift in.  If there is one flower scent that reminds me of being a little girl, it is the Hyacinth.  It brings back memories of Easter Sunday at my Grandmother’s house. 

On Sunday, I repotted the window box.  I had Penstemon in there and it was becoming a monster.  When I pulled up the box, the roots were so compacted and stuck together that everything came out in the shape of the box.  I had to pull it all apart.  I transferred one of the Penstemon into a pot and the other into the ground in the back by the vegetable bed after pruning back the stems which had become very leggy.  I also had Yarrow in there which I put by the wash line near the back porch steps.  I really hope everything lives.  I’m not sure how the Penstemon is going to handle my disturbing their roots.  The window box now looks fresh and is full of 3 Zonal Geraniums in Salmon and Pink and aromatic Alyssum.

On Monday, I picked up some Blue Lobeila and planted it into a little wheel barrow planter (a gift from my parents) and I also put some of them in the ground in the back along with some Daisies and Alyssum.  I also put in a little patch of Iris Moss.  I'm hoping it will start to cover the ground back there where it's shady and moist.  

The same day I scattered even more seeds from the Botanical Interest collections.  Some are scattered in the back and some are in the front by the gray fence next to the Foxgloves and Delphinium. 

Speaking of Foxgloves, they are in bloom at the garden center already.  I can’t help myself with Foxgloves.  I want to buy them all.  I already have 2 that I planted in the ground that are not yet blooming (not sure if they will bloom this year or next) so of course when I saw some blooming, I had to buy at least 2. One is Dalmation Pink and the other Dalmation Purple.  It is still quite early and the garden center has already assured me they will be getting more since I was practically frothing at the mouth to get them in every possible color.  I’m not sure if I’m more obsessed with Foxgloves or with Lily of the Valley. 

Lastly, today, I picked up more seed packets, most of them Heirloom, from Botanical Interests.  They are:  Four O’Clock (Marvel of Peru), Canterberry Bells, Sweet Pea (Perfume Delight), Larkspur (Shades of Blue), Feverfew, Forget Me Not (Spring and Summer) and Lupine (Russell Blend).  I have no idea where I’m going to put any of these yet but I will find a place. 

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