Saturday, August 10, 2013

It was a busy weekend of weeding and general plant maintenance.  Here's what's going on in the garden this week:

This is what my Moonflower bud looked like earlier this morning.

And here it is in full bloom in the early evening.  It is my very first Moonflower since growing the vine from seed.  It was a very exciting day!

The Fragrant Plum Roses are blooming again.

Asters, asters, asters!  Can't get enough.


More Pincushion flowers are blooming,

The Lavender has been blooming all Summer long.

Anise Hyssop.

Orange Mint.

Sheila's Perfume blooms.

Sugar Moons smell so amazing!  This is my favorite scent so far.

Ketchup and Mustard is blooming again but this round the flowers are much smaller.  They do so great all Spring so I can't expect anything more.


Passionate Kisses.

Loving these Cosmos.  Great nonstop blooming flowers.

Cape Leadwort Plumbago Auriculata and Yarrow.

More Cosmos in the morning sunlight.

Added some Lovage to the Herb bed.

Lots and lots of herbs.  I'm so attracted to them.  I just can't help myself.

Beautiful Oleander.

Butterfly Milkweed.

A happy little skipper enjoying the Milkweed.

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