Sunday, August 18, 2013

Friday afternoon I went to visit one my my favorite places, Descanso Gardens.  Something magical always seems to happen there.  Today, the Sunflowers (some of which towered above my head) were glowing.

Then I came upon these beautiful Lilies, which I understand are called Naked Ladies.  They looked so beautiful basking in the dappled sun.  The smell brought back a thousand memories of my Grandmother's house.  I spent a lot of time photographing and admiring these flowers.

On my way to visit my favorite Camilla tree, I came upon this butterfly.  He seemed to sit there and pose for me, perfectly still other then to show off his wings up or down.  As I worked my way towards the Camilla tree, he followed me up the path.

Every time I visit Descanso Gardens, I stop by this tree, say hello and take a photo.  
It's so full of energy.

I love photographing into the sun and the reflection it has on the flowers.  It was a wonderful afternoon.

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