Monday, January 18, 2016

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, January 2016

I finally had some time to take some photos of my flowers and plants.  Here is what's going on in the front of the house.  

On the right side of the porch from back to front:

Top shelf, Rosemary topiary from Christmas.  Catnip that seeded and is now growing.
Second shelf, back:  Lambs Ear and Viola
On top of blue box:  Feverfew, Blue Delphinium
On the ground Rosemary, Yarrow, Rosemary, Thyme, Delphinium, Viola and my pruned Fragrant Plum Rose
On the step: Red Geranium
Close ups:
Lambs Ear, Viola
Blue Delphinium
White Delphinium
Right side of the front porch.
Top shelf:  Pink Ivy Geranium, Rosemary
Second shelf:  Viola, Viola
Bottom shelf (not visible):  Mugwort
In the very 
back:  Nastirtium, Rosemary
Next:  Delphinium, Larkspur
Next:  Pine,
Next:  Catmint,
Next:  Red Geranium
You can sort of see the Brugmansia (Angel Trumpet) tree to the left of pruned rose in the corner.  I finally put it in a larger pot.  I have another one that I moved to the front of the house and repotted into a larger pot.  It had rooted itself in the ground and the landlord would have a fit if I'd left it root so we had to pull it out.  It's a beautiful tree.  I hope it will bloom as nicely in its new pot. 
Close ups.
Pink Ivy Geranium and Nasturtium
Feverfew to the left of the porch
Hanging basket right.
Hanging basket left.
Front of house, far left:  Hollyhock on the left and viola that has been blooming since Halloween.
Now that you can see these pots again, I put some flowers in them.
All the roses are pruned.  Yay!
And here is the patio.  I have a decent collection of scented pelargoniums now.

On the top shelf:
Herb pot (Sweet Marjoram, Thyme, Rosemary, Sage), Fairy Primrose, Calla Lily
Second shelf:  Sage, Viola, Fairy Primrose
Thrid shelf: All mint
Bottom shelf:  Miniature Rose, Scented Geranium (nutmeg), Patchouli
Pot on the ground is Moonshine Yarrow

In the color hanging pots:  Ivy and all three others are viola
Corner:  Maidenhair fern and Spear Fern
On wire shelf:  Sweat Pea, Scented Geranium, Apricot, Scented Geranium Attar of Roses
Bottom of wire shelf:  Scented Geranium Gray Lady Plymouth, Fairy Primrose, Scented Geranium Candy Dancer
Close up of Scented Geranium Attar of Roses
Just got these sweat peas.
Herb pot with Sage, Rosemary, Thyme and Sweet Marjoram, next to it is Fairy Primrose and Calla Lily
Three different kinds of mint on the middle shelf
bottom shelf:  Miniature Rose, Scented Geranium Nutmeg
Yarrow Moonshine in the pot and spear fern in the corner
Scented Geranium Lemon Fancy, Rosemary, Rue
Scented Geranium Yemen, Viola, Scented Geranium Dean's Delight
Very bottom shelf is Valerian, Basil, Hydrangea
Top shelf here is Scented Geranium Nutmeg, Oregano, Scented Geranium Peppermint
Middle shelf is Scented Geranium Yemen, Viola, Scented Geranium Dean's Delight

Also got a new Maidenhair fern to replace the old tired one.
Some Fairy Primrose.
Calla Lilies
Viola - so perfect for Winter color and I love them.
This Calendula has been blooming since Halloween.
More Scented Geraniums:  Ardwick Cinnamon, Lemon Scented with yellow/green variegated leaves but I forget what it's called, Apple
Scented Geraniums:  Little Gem, Yemen, Lime
Scented Geraniums:  Mabel Gray, True Rose, True Rose
Small Pots in front are cuttings from my mother plant Attar of Roses
First Shelf:  Scented Geranium Nutmeg, Herbs:  Chocolate Mint and Chocolate Mint
Bottom Shelf:  Scented Geraniums:  Strawberry, Fragrant Frosty, Aroma
Scented Geraniums on top shelf:  Sweet Mimosa, Apricot, Rober's Lemon rose
(the rest of these shelves were named in the photo above.)
Top shelf is Scented Geranium Skeleton Rose, Rose and Mint Rose
There is also a small pot of Fairy Primrose on this shelf.
Scented Geranium Peppermint, Thyme, Viola and Sweet Marjoram
Lavender - it's just about done.  Calendula (blooming since October), middle pot is Grape Hyacinth that I planted as bulbs, small front pot is a cutting from Scented Geranium Attar of Roses, Rue

Please visit May Dreams Gardens, the host of Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day where gardeners from all over the world post what's blooming in their gardens

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