Saturday, July 15, 2017

Butterfly Garden, July 15, 2017

 Gray Hairstreak visiting around 5pm on Point St. George Coast Aster


  1. Your butterfly photos are the best around.

    They are the only local record online in a blog that I have found. You also have the identifications correct. Many bloggers put up butterfly photos with guesses (usually wrong) as to species. Not you.

    I have two suggestions
    1) More, more often
    2) Name the plant they are nectaring on. I know you can.

    Thanks for all the pretties. Smile.

    1. Hi Jane, Thank you for your comment. I have been a little lax on keeping up with what's been going on in my garden, but thank you for the suggestions and the compliment. I actually keep another butterfly observation blog on my web site. It has a list of butterflies I've seen when I'm out and about hiking or taking photos at the local gardens. If you're interested in that, the link is: Also, if you haven't see this photographer already you will be in awe: He does a series called "The California Butterfly Project" and he has all the butterflies in our area that he's photographed. It's stunning! Thanks again for stopping by!

    2. Oh, beautiful! Just what I wanted to see. I made a new gadget for my blog site for local butterflies. Thank you so much for this new information.