Sunday, April 30, 2017

Butterfly Garden Notes for April 30, 2017

I'd say the butterfly garden is coming along quite nicely.  Sunday I was home for a good portion of the afternoon, and there was a female monarch coming and going throughout the day laying eggs.  I keep seeing more eggs on the milkweed, but haven't see any caterpillars this week.  Could be I just can't find them or else they fell victim to predators.  I did see a tiny green praying mantis on the porch earlier in the week, so I know the predators are out and about.  Besides the monarch, I saw skippers, cabbage whites, dusky wing and cloudless sulphers.  Also, the hummingbirds are becoming more numerous now.  I've seen them drinking from both the feeder in front of the house and on the patio.  In addition, in the evening there has been a good number of white-lined sphinx moths.  We are just going into the warmer months now so I'm hoping the butterfly garden will be in full swing in the next couple of months.  Here are some photos I took over the weekend.

female monarch on milkweed
 cabbage white on verbena bonariensis
 skipper on milkweed
 male hummingbird

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