Monday, July 18, 2016

Butterfly Garden Notes, July 18, 2016

Last weekend I was so excited to see some of the monarch eggs had hatched producing at least 6 new caterpillars.  As of this past weekend, there are none, or at least none that I’ve seen.  The caterpillars seem to keep getting lost to predators.  So this past weekend was the first caterpillar-less weekend I’ve had in awhile.  I did have a few visitors to the garden which were the usual suspects; skippers, duskywing, marine blue, the sulphur that never stops by and the elusive fritillary who I can never get a photo of!  But sadly, I did not see any monarchs or swallowtails passing through.

As I was searching for caterpillars on the milkweed, I discovered another chrysalis from one of the swallowtails.  It had emerged already, most likely last weekend, but that makes a total of at least 3 swallowtail butterflies that were born in my garden last weekend!

Here is a photo of an umber skipper in my garden on the buddleia.

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