Monday, June 22, 2015

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, June 2015

I'm behind again on updating for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day hosted by May Dreams Gardens on the 15th of every month.

I'll start with some photos of the rose garden in the front of my bungalow.  I still have the same ones I had last year and have not bought anymore due to space.  Here is Heirloom, the lavender ones in the back and Ketchup & Mustard (floribunda), the red and yellow ones in the front.
On the left is Sparkle and Shine (yellow - floribunda)  next to Sugar Moon (white - hybrid tea).  You can also see a bloom from my white Angel Trumpet tree in the lower left corner.
Here is a another view which shows Iceberg (left front corner)
I also have two more potted rose on the front porch.  They are Sheila's Perfume (left) and Fragrant Plum (right).  At this point they are now touching the top of my front porch!
I won't go through every plant on the front porch, but here are just a few that I took pictures of with my phone:

Red Geranium and Gerbera Daisy
Pincushion Flower
Catmint in a hanging basket.  I absolutely love Catmit.  So do the bees!
 Purple Cleome (sorry -- horrible photo)
 Some random plants:  Yarrow, Lavender, Gerbera Daisy, Lisianthus in the back, my faithful Rosemary protecting the door and in the little barrel are some growing flowers I planted from a seed packet by Botanical Interests.  They are from a packet of "Grandmother's Cut Flower Garden".  I had the same seed compilation last year along with "Fairy Meadow" and they provided me with beautiful blooms all Summer long.  Since I can't plant in the ground anymore, I thought I'd put some in a pot so I could still enjoy them.
 Martha Washington Geranium still flowering.
 More random plants, right side of the porch with my Fragrant Plum Grandiflora Roses behind:  Yarrow, Dusty Miller, Lavender, etc.
 Left side view of the porch with Sheila's Perfume rose in the back:  Yarrow, Bee Balm, Red Geraniums, Gerbera Daisy, etc.
Closeup of my white Yarrow, Achillea Millefolium
 Behind the roses I have a pot of Valerian, Garden Heliotrope that is blooming.  I love the unique smell of its flowers.  I actually saved this from the herb bed that my landlord paved over last summer.  I wasn't sure if it would survive in a pot because it had gotten so big in the herb bed but it has and it is flowering!
Oragami Blue Columbine, Granny's Bonnet is now blooming.  I had these in the shade on my patio, but they were not happy so I moved them between the rose bushes where they get more sun and now they are making flowers.
Onto the patio...
I won't go through every single potted plant.  Last I counted there were at least 82.  I will just share some highlights:

Borage is blooming.  The flowers remind me of fireworks.  I can't believe how tall this grew in a pot.
Nasturtium - This has been blooming non stop for moths.  It's also making lots of seeds.  I've been a bit lazy about planting them.  Every time I see one on the ground I've just been tossing it back into the pot.
Canterbury Bells - This bloomed for the longest time.  It started to look a little tired, so I finally had to say good bye.  I will just get another one next year to enjoy.  The bees really love them.
I've been saving the best for last and that is my collection of Scented Pelargoniums/Geraniums!
In my previous entries, I posted some images of my collection so far so I won't go back through all of them.  I have over 25 now.

On June 16, The Los Angeles Geranium Society held their June meeting and I, now being a member, attended.  It was so much fun!  We got to take a tour of the Scented Pelargonium section at the Los Angeles County Arboretum.  We also saw a slide show presented by Tom Glavich:  Geraniums and Flowers in the High Drakensberg Summer, Eastern South Africa.  
Since I was a new member, I was given a new Scented Pelargonium.  This one is Apricot and it came from Matt Dell Tufenkian of Dominus Plantarum.
There were also door prizes.  Here is the one I choose from the "opportunity table".  I am not sure what this is but it looks and smells a lot like my Nutmeg Scented Pelargonium.
 I also purchased this little Denticulatum, Fern Leaf Pelargonium.
 And one more new addition which I actually picked up at a plant sale at the LA Arboretum a week or so ago from Dominus Plantarum.  This one is Golden Lemon Crispum.
The below Pelargoniums are not new but they are blooming so I took some photo photos.  This is a nice phone capture of Attar of Roses in bloom.
And the large blooming flowers of Sweet Mimosa.
 Dainty white blooms on Nutmeg Scented Pelargonium.
 And this stunning foliage of Charity. 
 I can't tell you how magical these Scented-leaf Pelargoniums make my little patio garden.  It smells heavenly!  So many deliciously aromatic flavors!  I am hooked!

 Last but not least, I should mention my guest caterpillar turned into a butterfly.  I came home one evening and he was gone.  I was hoping he'd come out of the chrysalis when I was home, but sadly, I didn't get to see him to say good bye.  I understand though.  He has things to do and not much time!
So that is what's blooming in my Pasadena, California potted garden.  
What's blooming in your garden this June, 2015?


  1. Hi there. Just came here to look at your blog via a link from Apartment Therapy. What a beautiful garden. I am amazed at the amount of plants you are able to keep in such a small space and such variety! Absolutely beautiful. You are living my dream...

    1. I am quickly running out of space, but somehow always seem to find room! Thank you for dropping by to visit my blog. :)

  2. your garden looks beautiful! just saying :)