Sunday, March 8, 2015

My garden on March 8, 2015

Here are some flowers and plants I have on the front porch and in front of our bungalow:

Dusty Miller - "Silver Dust".  I love the silvery foliage.

Beautiful red Geranium.
Hollyhock bud - This one will be "Henry Eight Pink"

Pincushion Flower.
Gerbera Daisy.  

Borage - from the Botanical Interest seed packet.
 Valerian - Garden Heliotrope -- I saved this from the raised bed when the landlord paved over my garden.  Looks like it is doing okay.  Hope to see it flower those wonderful white blooms!
In the Patio Garden:
Alyssum - "Snow Crystals"
 Larkspur (with Fairy Primrose, bottom left)


  1. I love your choice of flowers. I recently hired a local gardening service to help me design and plant flowers and shrubs in my garden. I too love geraniums and foxgloves, and they helped me to incorporate all of my favourite flowers into my small garden. I now have a small patio space that is lined with flowers in planters.

    Norberto @ Thorburn Landscapes

  2. Those are truly lovely pictures of your garden. They all go together very nicely. My wife and I have decided to start a garden this coming summer and we’ve been trying to decide what to grow. Having seen your Silver Dust plants, I'm going to include some of them when my project starts.