Saturday, May 17, 2014

May 17, 2014

Salvia - for the Hummingbirds

More Freesia - 
They keep surprising me with all of their colors and where they are popping up from the bulbs I planted.

Penstemon - More for the Hummingbird buffet

Vinca - I picked this up yesterday.  
Thought it might look pretty throughout the summer.  


I spotted this yesterday - California Poppy (closed in the morning) - 
part of the wildflower seed collection.

Butterfly Bush.  No wonder they love it... it smells so good!  
This was so small last year but this year it has really sprouted up and is getting taller.

I didn't want to be as obsessed with Moon Flowers this year as I was last year, but then I planted more.  I can't help myself.

Bishop Flower - 
More surprise flowers from the wildflower seeds that keep coming up all over.

Rosemary - 
I don't know why rarely take photos of my Rosemary.  
I have so much of it growing around the house.

Hydrangea is looking fancy

My garden is always full of visitors.  
I think she may stay a while since it appears she has turned my rose bush into a nursery.

California Poppy starting to open.

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