Sunday, September 1, 2013

There is a lot to catch up on.  I planted some new Irish Spring, Rudbeckia Hirta (or Gloriosa Daisy).

This beautiful Daylily has continued to produce bloom after bloom.  It's become the queen of the side garden.

My Cosmo mix is now coming up with some pinks which are quite lovely.

I love this shade of "Paprika" Yarrow.

I planted some Zinnia, although I'm not sure of the proper name for this pink/salmon color.

Another garden friend came to visit.  I love moths.  

The potted Moonflower has made another bloom.  They smell wonderful when they open.  This bloomed on August 22nd.

Just a little flower arrangement I made with Iceberg roses and some herbs:  Lemon Verbena, Rosemary, Catmit, Chocolate Mint, Orange Mint, Lavender and Peppermint.

The weekend of August 24th I planted this Brazillian Plume Flower or Jacobina Carnea.  It has more of a tropical look, but I loved the pink color.

This is another new transplant - Cape Mallow (Anisodontea hybrid) in Boysenberry.

My fern seems very happy these days since I planted it in the raised bed next to some Coleus.

I took the Moonflower I had potted and attached to the vertical garden and transplanted it directly into the ground.  I'm hoping it will climb up the clothing line.

Here is a photo of the Summer side garden.  I am enjoying it very much, although I am tempted to take everything out and start from scratch to amend the soil.  The soil is just so awful -- poor drainage, sandy, rocky.  It's amazing anything survives in it.  When I first started the garden, I really didn't plan on planting back there other then in the raised beds.  Boy did that change!  I think at this point I've invested too much into it and I need to just work with what I have already started, but the soil really does need to be improved.

I had a nice surprise on Saturday, August 24, when a Monarch came to visit.  This one went back and forth between my two Butterfly Milkweed plants.  Monarchs seem harder to photograph then some of the butterflies and moths.  They don't stay still for very long, but I was able to get a few good shots considering this was mid afternoon and it was so hot.

I've been so busy working in the garden that I haven't had time to paint.  The visit from the Monarch was just what I needed to wake up full of inspiration.  Sunday mornings are my favorite.  The house is full of magic and fairy dust... I can sit at my painting table next to the window that overlooks the front garden, listen to music and the sounds of our hummingbirds in the background and create.

And another Moonflower bloom on August 27th.

And one more from August 31st - just in time for my Birthday weekend.

It has been extremely hot the past 2 weeks.  We are getting into the worst of our Summer and it's been up over the 90s.  So far the plants seem to be doing okay, but I am just about ready to start preparing for Fall and start introducing some shades of orange and yellow into the garden.

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